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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Don't Walk Away!!!

I watch you walk away from me
And the tears start to fall
I ask myself a million times
How did we lose it all???
For the first time I had no words
that to you I could say
I cling to old memories
And I watch you walk away
I just don't want to let you go
But inside I know I must
My heart's whimpering with pain
But it's my mind I trust
There's confusion around me
There's numbness in my heart
But looking at you walk away
My world just fell apart
If only I could handle it
And bear to just say
I'd use my breath and say the words

Don't Walk Away!!!

Y I'm Sad

Just Because My Eyes Do Not
Show Tears, Doesnt Mean My
Heart Doesnt Cry N I Dont Get
... .
Just Because I Come Out Strong,
Doesnt Mean There Is Nothing
Often I Choose To Pretend That
I'm Happy.
So I Dont Have To Explain Myself
To People Who'll Never
Understand. .
Smiling Has Always Been Easier
Than Xplaining Y I'm Sad...!!

Our Relationship

I May Not Always Contact You
But Our Distance Makes Me Miss You
I May Not Always Stay In Touch
But I Care For You Very Much
I May Not Always Say Hi
But I Hope Never To Say Goodbye
I May Not Prove To Be The " Perfect Friend"
But I Hope The Relation We Share Never Reaches An


In front of the person u love,your
heart beats faster .
But in front of the person u like,u get happy.

In front of the person u love,winter seems like spring .
But in front of the person you like, winter is just beautiful winter.

if u look into the eyes of the one u love,u blush .
But if u look into the eyes of the one u like,u smile.

In front of the person u love,u can't say everything on your mind .
But in front of the person u like,u can.

In front of the person u love,u tend to get shy.
But in front of the person u like,u can
show your own self.

u can't look straight into the eyes of the 1 u love.
But u can always smile into the eyes of the 1 u like.

When the one u love is crying,u cry with them.
But when the one you like is crying,u end up comforting.

So if u stop liking a person u used to like,all u need to do is cover your ears.


If u try to close your eyes,love turns into a drop of tear and remains in your

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Why do boys need a friend who is a girl?

Why do boys need a friend who is a girl?

Coz she
-will never leave u alone when you're
-will see to it that u do ur works on
-will make sure u don't skip meals to
play matches and do work..
... -will ask u to leave ur bad habits
everyday, everytime..
-will fight with u on small matters bt
won't keep theanger for long..
-will make u money-wise..
-will say-don't worry, even if there's lot
to worry or nothing to worry..
-will make u punctual..
-will help u restrain ur anger.. -wil talk
to you 15times a day to know
what you're doing.. You might feel
buggd at times bt truth is
that you can't do anything widout
as grlz r special gift of god to boyz,
realise their worth and take care of
them.. :) dedicated to all girls and boys
who share the love and friendship

Losing you is like losing my heart

’m Speechless and worried,
You said we would last forever,
Never knew it would end this way,
I miss your face and the way you hold my waist,
Laying alone on my bed wishing you would step a foot again at my door, As time pass by I knew you was not coming back,
I fell so lonely and cold,
Knowing I don’t have a shoulder to cry on again,
Losing you is like losing my heart,
Please come home,
I am missing you

I'm still finding things out about myself.

I've been messed with, let down, and played too many times. I wonder what people think of me too much, and I'm way too judgmental. My heart is big but I have my selfish moments. I love to be in big groups, but I love to be alone. every song on my ipod has a special memory or a regret behind it. I don't like goin' through old pictures because I miss what used to be. I tend to over think things and I trust way too many people. I have the people I'd love to pack up and leave with, and there are some people I wish would just disappear. I don't cry very often, but when I do I can't stop. I hate the word goodbye and I wish it didn't exist.
I hate liars, though I lie myself. I have secrets hidden in me that even I don't know. I'm still finding things out about myself.